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Thursday, September 4

How Long Will It Last? Bath & Body Works Candle

Like my gif? ;)

I thought of this series when I started burning this candle. So I started tracking each burn in minutes, until the wicks blew themselves out.

The grand total is 1629 minutes OR 27 hours and 9 minutes!!!!

Woah, I'm really impressed with that time. I have to add, the Lavender Vanilla candle had the best throw of any Bath & Body Works candle I've ever owned. I suspect that is because the scent is quite strong but I was impressed when my mom asked me to turn it off because the scent was bothering her. (She doesn't like Vanilla, obviously NOT to be trusted)

 I'd like to make this a regular series but want to get feedback, is this something you care about? Do you have other products to try out? Or do you want to see more stats on the candle? *wink*wink*

Wednesday, April 23

First Gig!

I'm a professional photographer now! I was asked to be the photographer for a college organization called Longhorn Pre-pharmacy Association at the University of Texas. I agreed, even though I was feeling self conscious. After looking at all the pictures, I was right...I wasn't ready. I did learn some useful things.
  1. Don't switch modes while shooting the same event. (e.g Av to Tv)
  2. Practice in a similar setting as you will be shooting in.
  3. Focusing is key.
  4. Interior lighting is a nightmare and you absolutely need to use flash to deal with it!!
  5. I need to learn how to properly set white balance.
  6. Be VERY careful when setting high ISOs. Yes, the pictures will look brighter in your viewfinder but they will be incredibly grainy.
Well, I'm not happy with the shots but I'm glad I had the opportunity to try my hand at it. I'm not a photographer... :)

Here are some of the shots.
The lighting is pretty great in this one.

See how much darker this shot is than the one above

One of my favorites! If these two aren't dating yet, I hope they find their way to each other

Blacks are especially hard when you don't properly compensate for lighting

Shot ruined by glare

See that glare & the darkness of the photo & the grain

The most artistic I got (hey! I was nervous)

Probably the best shot of the whole night

I'm off to the Dominican for my 25th! Catch you on the flip side!!

Monday, March 31

Chicago thru the lens of a Nexus 5

No, this is NOT a sponsored post. Let's get real, I don't have the readership for Google to give 2 flying fucks what I post about.

I went to Chicago for training and I thought I'd document my outfits, but I didn't bring my camera(s) so I thought Instagram would be a fun way to do it!
Riding to the training facility in style

The company I work for has a facility that is used solely for training. Its actually a converted women's college and all the 'buildings' are attached, so I didn't actually leave the building nearly the whole time.
THE fanciest of rooms... easily the smallest room ever

I, also, made some funny videos that I'll post on Insta too. Check it out!

I had alot of fun putting this post together. What do you guys think?

Friday, February 21

Houston, we have lift off!

I haven't posted an outfit of the day in a while. I was driving down the road and saw the skyline and then a parking spot. Naturally, I had to stop, so an actual OOTD!!

I've got Houston on my mind ;)
Hope you like it!!

Wednesday, February 12

HP Chromebook 11 and why I love it

A couple of months ago, I bought a Chromebook. The HP Chromebook 11 to be exact. I’ve used it for a while now and wanted to share my opinions with you!
I need to preface this with… I LOVE MY CHROMEBOOK!
A little about the specs:
Image courtesy of (link!)

When looking at a Chromebook its crucial to remember what it was created for. Any Chromebook, but specifically this one, was created for the casual user. Translation: Someone who surfs the web, takes noes, creates a few slideshows, checks their email, etc. This is not a machine designed for the computer administrator or a programmer, so it does not have that sort of juice.

Why I bought the Chromebook 11:
  • Size
Its small (11.3 inches) and light.
  • Laptop design
I liked that it had the traditional clamshell design and a full-sized keyboard because that gives me the most viewing angles.
  • Portability
This is a HUGE (hehe) point in favor of the Chromebook, not just because of its size and weight but also because it uses a simple microUSB charger. The charger that comes in the box is 5V but a standard 2V also does the job, albeit slower. ;)
  • Research
I bought the Chromebook because I like to do research while watching movies, don’t worry its not weird. *wink*

It’s exceeded my expectations on all these fronts and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an easy-to-use daily driver. Students would be the ideal candidate for this product.
If you need a little more power but want a Chromebook, I’d recommend looking into the Chromebook 14 but I’d also ask why you want a powerful Chromebook.

Since, you can't talk about the HP Chromebook without mentioning the overheating issues with the charger. I will say that Google has taken responsibility for this and is replacing my charger.
Have you considered a Chromebook? If so, what are your expectations? What do you plan to use it for? If you have a Chromebook, especially HP’s Chromebook 11, I’d love to hear what you think about it.