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Sunday, January 17

Attempt at a VCR repair...

So, I have this amazing VCR from the mid-late 90s that has decided to stop ejecting tapes. It's a SLV-776HF (which is the same as the 775HF, just charcoal instead of black) and pretty fancy, something I noticed as I've been attempting to repair it! I'll post some 'guts' pictures when I take it apart for the 4th time, tomorrow! :) I know I'm such a loser and I'd be better off just chucking it, but my little engineering student ego won't let me! I'm looking for advice... I've attempted to: turn the gears that move the roller guides but they appear to have Jedi powers and won't budge; same is true for the pinch roller (there is just NO way to get that sucker to move). Things to know: the motor that turns the pinch roller, roller guides & posts, tension belts runs (but may be to weak to actually turn any of them); there is no such thing as 'manually rotating the gears' in this VCR; the solenoid that is supposed to click when attempting to eject doesn't fire; the roller guides DO NOT immediately move back into place when you de-power the device. In my 'expert' opinion the gears that control the pinch roller and its guide need to get moving and I think this might require replacing the motor (i.e. Power Supply). Does anybody have any ideas?

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