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Saturday, January 9

Photo TAG!

So, I wasn't tagged but I decided I wanted to do this ANYWAY! I saw this on Sarah's blog @If the shoe fits. So here are the rules:
1.Open your 1st Photo folder. 2.Scroll to the 10th photo. 3.Post the photo & the story behind it. 4.Tag 5 or more people.
My picture is actually really sweet and sentimental! This was the ad a group of my friends and I took out in our senior yearbook! Its funny that this happened to be the picture I choose. I really like this tag b/c of this picture! ;) I tag:
Laura @lollipop26writes Dulce @Dulcecandy Natalya @filthygorgeousmakeup Fashion Stylist_ka @fashion stylist_ka Ooohlala! By Ola! @Ooohlala! By Ola!
I'm not so vain as to think that some of these heavy-hitter bloggers read my humble blog, but hey no harm in trying! HAVE A LOVELY, LOVELY DAY!

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