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Friday, February 19

Friday Dairy

So, I've decided I'm going to do a diary entry on Fridays. Mainly, because there are lots of things that happen throughout the week that I want to blog about but they don't really mesh well with the OFOTD posts.

This Week
  • Applied to a few different positions, noticed there are more jobs available (YAY!)
  • Started using my journal for 'ToDo Lists'
  • Devised a good technique for mapping out my calendar (w/ deadlines & due dates)
  • Not enough sleep (go to bed at 1-2am, wake up at 6-7 am)
  • Driving to school is getting old
  • Have continued putting on weight
  • Too much homework, not enough motivation
Well, my sister had a Spanish Honor Society induction last night, and we got home pretty late, so I was up late doing homework. Blah! :( I'm too excited for her to be negative, though!

I haven't really decided how I'm going to format these posts, so forgive for me until I do. I hope this was enjoyable for some of you because I'm excited to do more!


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