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Monday, December 26

!ANSWER! Assignment 2

SO, here it goes, Week 2! How'd you do?

import java.util.*;

public class BajrovicAssignment2 {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException{
	//asks the user to type in the path of the file, noting that they must enter '/' instead of '\' because that is an escape sequence
		System.out.println("Please enter the file path to your Comma Separated Value file" + "\n" + "\t" + "For example:C:/Users/Public/test.csv");
		Scanner in = new Scanner(;
		String filePath = in.nextLine();
		String fileLine;
		Scanner in2 = new Scanner(new File(filePath));
		String [] intoArray = new String [13];	//each appended line from the file
		String[] months = new String [12];		//the first row of the file, that contains the months (12 because you don't care about the "manufacturer" title
		int [] salesValues = new int [12];		//the sales numbers of every line from the file
		while (in2.hasNextLine())
			fileLine = in2.nextLine();		//stores each line of file into a regular string
			StringBuilder newLine = new StringBuilder();	//create a new stringbuilder object
			newLine.append(fileLine);				//adds each line read from file to string builder
			String appendString = newLine.toString();	//converts stringbuilder to a string
			intoArray = appendString.split(",");	//gets the values
			int element = 0;
			 for (int i=1; i < 13; i++)
				 if(intoArray[0].equals("Manufacturer"))	//stores the months in the months array declared earlier
						int place = 0;
						for(int y = 1; y < 12; y++)
							months[place] = intoArray[y];
					salesValues[element] = Integer.parseInt(intoArray[i]);	//converts all the 'strings' (monthly values) in the file to numbers
	if ((intoArray[0].equals("Manufacturer"))!= true)	//for all the rest of the lines in the file, calls the functions in the AutoSales class
				AutoSales a = new AutoSales(intoArray[0], salesValues, months);		//defines the local variables to pass to AutoSales class
				System.out.println("Manufacturer: " + a.brand);
				System.out.println("Total Yearly Sales: " + a.sum());

class AutoSales{
	public String brand;	//defines the fields of this class
	public int[] monthlySalesFigures;
	public String[] passedMonths; 
	public AutoSales(String ManuFacturer, int[] salesValues, String[] months) {
		//defines the constructor of this class
		brand = ManuFacturer;
		monthlySalesFigures = salesValues;
		passedMonths = months;
	public void highest() {
		//function finds the highest value in the row (so for a manufacturer)by moving through the array and replacing the mxm variable with values that are larger than its current value
		int mxm = monthlySalesFigures[0], i;
        String monthHighest = passedMonths[0];
        for (i=0; imxm) { 
                monthHighest = passedMonths[i];
                mxm = monthlySalesFigures[i];        }
        System.out.println(monthHighest + " has the highest Sales: " + mxm);

	public void avg() {
		//finds the average by calling the sum method
		float avg;
		int sum = sum();
		avg = sum/12;
		System.out.println("Average Monthly Sales:" + avg);		
	public int sum() {
		//adds all the values of the file by adding to the first value in that row in the file while moving through the value array 
		int sum = 0;
		for (int i = 0; i < monthlySalesFigures.length; i++){
		sum = sum + monthlySalesFigures[i];
		return sum;

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