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Friday, December 23

Friday Diary #4

Alrighty, most of my recent posts have been beauty related so I wanted this  Friday's Dear Diary to focus on tech. I've decided to link my favorite articles here and I'll include some that I was not impressed by, essentially this will be a post of prominent (to me) articles.

1. The Arduino Christmas Tree
This was just too ridiculous. I always find it silly when tech blogs discuss final project ideas. This is a barely passable Freshman final project idea, not noteworthy tech news.

2. Nook Tablet update closes sideloading loophole, lacks holiday spirit
I thought this was interesting as I've become increasingly more attached to my Nook since I've graduated. E-INK ALL THE WAY!!!!

3. Refresh Roundup: week of December 12, 2011
And, just for good Engadget round-up!

If you haven't noticed I'm partial to Engadget. I like the witty and underhanded commentary their bloggers make and I appreciate their update frequency and article quality (generally).

Some of my other favorite blogs include: Gizmodo, Wired, TechCrunch.

I will definitely keep up with this trend for Dear Diary, maybe every other week?

In other news, I was FINALLY invited to a wedding. Its actually today, maybe I'll do a special off-schedule Tuesday post on it!


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