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Friday, December 16

Friday Diary

Friday Diary is BACK!

I figure, If I come back, I better completely commit. That's why I've stayed true to my new updating schedule (which I think is easy to maintain, even when life gets hectic) and why I'm trying to balance the beauty-related posts and the tech posts. Along with my new found blog accountability, I've decided to continue the Friday Diary!!

So the biggest changes in my life:
  • I graduate today, December 16th!
  • I start my new job on the 23rd of January!
  • I'm going on a New Year's Cruise
  • My sister is home for a month! (back from college)
I have alot to be grateful for and am very thankful to be this blessed! I haven't felt this good in a long time and I really want to chase this feeling. I know there will be hard times in the future but I want to become a more positive person and learn to focus on the good, rather than be dragged down by the bad!


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