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Friday, December 30

Last Friday Diary of 2011!

Dear Diary,
So its been 2 weeks since I graduated, and I've read 3 books thus far. I finished a whole book today (that's new for me)!

Not that any of the books I've read these past two weeks have much literary value, but they have helped me detox from the semester and prep for my annual tradition of one classic a year! (I have read one classic novel each summer for the past 4 summers, this time its Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but more on that later)


Book #1:
Book #2:
And b/c L.A. Candy had such a cliffhanger ending (no sarcasm) and a surprising engaging plot...

Book #3:
Like I said, I've decided to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein now. Thus far, I'm intrigued by the plot and am doing well glossing over the "Please forgive me, sire" tone of most classic novels by female authors. The "I'm a woman and therefore useless" attitude of those old times that men perpetrated and women bought into, has steered me away from female authors of the era. However, I figured I'd give it a go and see how I deal. I'm definitely thinking that I will try to find an online book club or forum to read the book along-side because you don't gain much insight into literature reading alone. I'll be sure to post information if and when I find a good one!

HAPPY NEW YEARS, bookworms!


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