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Wednesday, December 21

Newspaper nails

So I've discovered a new blog!
The blog is called MissLadyFinger and I actually found it on the blog of another trend I caught wind of on a third blogger's Youtube account! So I'm ALL sorts of "new media"! 

Alrighty, so I heard about this new nail trend called "Newspaper Nails" and it literally is taking newspaper and sticking it on your nails so that the letters come off on the nail.

Sound exciting? Well, here's the final look.

The supplies:
A small bowl
Rubbing Alcohol
Base Color
Top Coat
Small pieces of newspaper
Step ONE:
Apply base coat, I used OPI Jade is the New Black

I think this look works much better with a white base (or other light color) because the text is black and there wasn't enough contrast between the teal and black text :(

Step TWO:
Soak fingers in the rubbing alcohol

Stick the small leaflets onto your nails and allow time to dry. Then SLOWLY peel the paper back.

Step FOUR:
Apply top coat.


My thoughts on this technique/trend:
  1. Its unique and a conversation piece
  2. Its important to use actual newspaper, I didn't and the text was too spaced out and the paper was too thick to absorb enough of the alcohol. Ultimately, the look suffered because I didn't prepare properly. :(
  3. Pick a light base coat, again  I didn't and the look is practically invisible
Overall, I like the concept and will try this again with the necessary modifications & proper tools! :)

Try it and let me know what you think!


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