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Friday, December 30

Last Friday Diary of 2011!

Dear Diary,
So its been 2 weeks since I graduated, and I've read 3 books thus far. I finished a whole book today (that's new for me)!

Not that any of the books I've read these past two weeks have much literary value, but they have helped me detox from the semester and prep for my annual tradition of one classic a year! (I have read one classic novel each summer for the past 4 summers, this time its Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, but more on that later)


Book #1:
Book #2:
And b/c L.A. Candy had such a cliffhanger ending (no sarcasm) and a surprising engaging plot...

Book #3:
Like I said, I've decided to read Mary Shelley's Frankenstein now. Thus far, I'm intrigued by the plot and am doing well glossing over the "Please forgive me, sire" tone of most classic novels by female authors. The "I'm a woman and therefore useless" attitude of those old times that men perpetrated and women bought into, has steered me away from female authors of the era. However, I figured I'd give it a go and see how I deal. I'm definitely thinking that I will try to find an online book club or forum to read the book along-side because you don't gain much insight into literature reading alone. I'll be sure to post information if and when I find a good one!

HAPPY NEW YEARS, bookworms!


Wednesday, December 28

The Wedding!

As promised, here are some photos from the wedding I recently attended!

My little cousin is obsessed with taking pictures (he's 3)

My attempt at a more advanced nail design (I'm still an amateur)

Baby cousin looked so handsome

Wedding Cake!

Delicious & beautiful groom's cake

w/ the bride

 Hope you are enjoying this last week of 2011!

Monday, December 26

!ANSWER! Assignment 2

SO, here it goes, Week 2! How'd you do?

import java.util.*;

public class BajrovicAssignment2 {
	public static void main(String[] args) throws FileNotFoundException{
	//asks the user to type in the path of the file, noting that they must enter '/' instead of '\' because that is an escape sequence
		System.out.println("Please enter the file path to your Comma Separated Value file" + "\n" + "\t" + "For example:C:/Users/Public/test.csv");
		Scanner in = new Scanner(;
		String filePath = in.nextLine();
		String fileLine;
		Scanner in2 = new Scanner(new File(filePath));
		String [] intoArray = new String [13];	//each appended line from the file
		String[] months = new String [12];		//the first row of the file, that contains the months (12 because you don't care about the "manufacturer" title
		int [] salesValues = new int [12];		//the sales numbers of every line from the file
		while (in2.hasNextLine())
			fileLine = in2.nextLine();		//stores each line of file into a regular string
			StringBuilder newLine = new StringBuilder();	//create a new stringbuilder object
			newLine.append(fileLine);				//adds each line read from file to string builder
			String appendString = newLine.toString();	//converts stringbuilder to a string
			intoArray = appendString.split(",");	//gets the values
			int element = 0;
			 for (int i=1; i < 13; i++)
				 if(intoArray[0].equals("Manufacturer"))	//stores the months in the months array declared earlier
						int place = 0;
						for(int y = 1; y < 12; y++)
							months[place] = intoArray[y];
					salesValues[element] = Integer.parseInt(intoArray[i]);	//converts all the 'strings' (monthly values) in the file to numbers
	if ((intoArray[0].equals("Manufacturer"))!= true)	//for all the rest of the lines in the file, calls the functions in the AutoSales class
				AutoSales a = new AutoSales(intoArray[0], salesValues, months);		//defines the local variables to pass to AutoSales class
				System.out.println("Manufacturer: " + a.brand);
				System.out.println("Total Yearly Sales: " + a.sum());

class AutoSales{
	public String brand;	//defines the fields of this class
	public int[] monthlySalesFigures;
	public String[] passedMonths; 
	public AutoSales(String ManuFacturer, int[] salesValues, String[] months) {
		//defines the constructor of this class
		brand = ManuFacturer;
		monthlySalesFigures = salesValues;
		passedMonths = months;
	public void highest() {
		//function finds the highest value in the row (so for a manufacturer)by moving through the array and replacing the mxm variable with values that are larger than its current value
		int mxm = monthlySalesFigures[0], i;
        String monthHighest = passedMonths[0];
        for (i=0; imxm) { 
                monthHighest = passedMonths[i];
                mxm = monthlySalesFigures[i];        }
        System.out.println(monthHighest + " has the highest Sales: " + mxm);

	public void avg() {
		//finds the average by calling the sum method
		float avg;
		int sum = sum();
		avg = sum/12;
		System.out.println("Average Monthly Sales:" + avg);		
	public int sum() {
		//adds all the values of the file by adding to the first value in that row in the file while moving through the value array 
		int sum = 0;
		for (int i = 0; i < monthlySalesFigures.length; i++){
		sum = sum + monthlySalesFigures[i];
		return sum;

Friday, December 23

Friday Diary #4

Alrighty, most of my recent posts have been beauty related so I wanted this  Friday's Dear Diary to focus on tech. I've decided to link my favorite articles here and I'll include some that I was not impressed by, essentially this will be a post of prominent (to me) articles.

1. The Arduino Christmas Tree
This was just too ridiculous. I always find it silly when tech blogs discuss final project ideas. This is a barely passable Freshman final project idea, not noteworthy tech news.

2. Nook Tablet update closes sideloading loophole, lacks holiday spirit
I thought this was interesting as I've become increasingly more attached to my Nook since I've graduated. E-INK ALL THE WAY!!!!

3. Refresh Roundup: week of December 12, 2011
And, just for good Engadget round-up!

If you haven't noticed I'm partial to Engadget. I like the witty and underhanded commentary their bloggers make and I appreciate their update frequency and article quality (generally).

Some of my other favorite blogs include: Gizmodo, Wired, TechCrunch.

I will definitely keep up with this trend for Dear Diary, maybe every other week?

In other news, I was FINALLY invited to a wedding. Its actually today, maybe I'll do a special off-schedule Tuesday post on it!


Wednesday, December 21

Newspaper nails

So I've discovered a new blog!
The blog is called MissLadyFinger and I actually found it on the blog of another trend I caught wind of on a third blogger's Youtube account! So I'm ALL sorts of "new media"! 

Alrighty, so I heard about this new nail trend called "Newspaper Nails" and it literally is taking newspaper and sticking it on your nails so that the letters come off on the nail.

Sound exciting? Well, here's the final look.

The supplies:
A small bowl
Rubbing Alcohol
Base Color
Top Coat
Small pieces of newspaper
Step ONE:
Apply base coat, I used OPI Jade is the New Black

I think this look works much better with a white base (or other light color) because the text is black and there wasn't enough contrast between the teal and black text :(

Step TWO:
Soak fingers in the rubbing alcohol

Stick the small leaflets onto your nails and allow time to dry. Then SLOWLY peel the paper back.

Step FOUR:
Apply top coat.


My thoughts on this technique/trend:
  1. Its unique and a conversation piece
  2. Its important to use actual newspaper, I didn't and the text was too spaced out and the paper was too thick to absorb enough of the alcohol. Ultimately, the look suffered because I didn't prepare properly. :(
  3. Pick a light base coat, again  I didn't and the look is practically invisible
Overall, I like the concept and will try this again with the necessary modifications & proper tools! :)

Try it and let me know what you think!


Monday, December 19

Homework Assignment 2

Alright, so time for the next Java homework assignment! The homework is posted on the ELET 4300 website.

See a preview of the assignment below. You will have one approximately one week to complete the assignment before I post my answer. Good luck and have fun!!!!

Following is an example of the data file content:

The output of the program will be:

Manufacturer: Acura
Total Yearly Sales: 7171
Average Monthly Sales: 597
February has the Highest Sales: 987

Manufacturer: Audi
Total Yearly Sales: 6365
Average Monthly Sales: 530
October has the Highest Sales: 949

Manufacturer: BMW
Total Yearly Sales: 5072
Average Monthly Sales: 422
June has the Highest Sales: 898

Happy Coding!

Friday, December 16

Friday Diary

Friday Diary is BACK!

I figure, If I come back, I better completely commit. That's why I've stayed true to my new updating schedule (which I think is easy to maintain, even when life gets hectic) and why I'm trying to balance the beauty-related posts and the tech posts. Along with my new found blog accountability, I've decided to continue the Friday Diary!!

So the biggest changes in my life:
  • I graduate today, December 16th!
  • I start my new job on the 23rd of January!
  • I'm going on a New Year's Cruise
  • My sister is home for a month! (back from college)
I have alot to be grateful for and am very thankful to be this blessed! I haven't felt this good in a long time and I really want to chase this feeling. I know there will be hard times in the future but I want to become a more positive person and learn to focus on the good, rather than be dragged down by the bad!


Wednesday, December 14

!ANSWER! Assignment 1

Below you will find my answer to last week's Java assignment.

Hope this helps!

import java.awt.Choice;
import java.util.*;

public class BajrovicAssignment1 {
	public static void main(String[] args){
		Scanner in = new Scanner(;
		String[] menu = new String[4];
		menu[0] = "Please choose an option for temperture conversion below:";
		menu[1] = "1: Fahrenheit to Celsius";
		menu[2] = "2: Celsius to Fahrenheit";
		menu[3] = "x: Exit";
	for (String m : menu)	//prints the entire array with only 1 system.out 
	String choice = in.nextLine();
	if (choice.equals("1")){
		System.out.println("What Fahrenheit temperature would you like to convert?");
		float Fahrenheit = in.nextFloat();
		float Celsius = (Fahrenheit-32)*5/9;
	else if (choice.equals("2")){
		System.out.println("What Celsius temperature would you like to convert?");
		float Celsius = in.nextFloat();
		float Fahrenheit = Celsius*9/5+32;
	else if (choice.equals("x")){
				System.out.println("Invalid Selection.");
How did you solve it? What could I have done differently?

Monday, December 12

WINTER nail Art

The beginning of winter means NAILS!

...At least for me, it does!

So this week I decided to try out the following:


Start by:
Gathering the supplies

First step:
Apply a brown base, I used OPI You Don't Know Jacques!

Second step:
Use a nail art polish OR brush  to draw a design on one of your fingers.
     I chose the ring finger:

Add a glittery top coat, I used Milani's Disco Nights, its a translucent glittery pink polish. Its more of a glitter-infused top coat than a polish, as it has a clear base.

Cover with a top coat.
    I use the Revlon Liquid Quick Dry

Go Sparkle!

Wednesday, December 7

Homework Assignment 1

So we are officially getting started!

You can see the official assignment at:

But here is a snippet of the assignment description & result:

Assignment 1


Write a Java console program that performs temperature scale conversions between Fahrenheit and Celsius.
When your program starts, it should print out a list of menu items.
After a menu item is chosen, the program should ask the user to input a number to convert. A result is printed on screen after the number is entered. The program then prints the menu again for user input.
If the user input chooses an invalid menu item, the program will print out “Invalid Selection” message. You can assume users will always enter valid temperature values.
Formulas for temperature scale conversion can be found at:

The following is an example of inputs and outputs of a running program.

Please choose an option for temperature conversion:
1: Fahrenheit to Celsius
2: Celsius to Fahrenheit
x: Exit
Please enter a number in Fahrenheit to convert: 46.4
8.0 Celsius

Please choose an option for temperature conversion:
1: Fahrenheit to Celsius
2: Celsius to Fahrenheit
x: Exit
Please enter a number in Celsius to convert: 15
59.0 Fahrenheit

Please choose an option for temperature conversion:
1: Fahrenheit to Celsius
2: Celsius to Fahrenheit
x: Exit
Invalid Selection.

Please choose an option for temperature conversion:
1: Fahrenheit to Celsius
2: Celsius to Fahrenheit
x: Exit
Exit Program.