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Friday, January 6

Friday Diary #6, Another Tech Recap

I decided to use this opportunity to post a couple of my favorite links. I chose more recent posts (I stared a few earlier in the week but since tech blogs move at the speed of light those are old news)

1. Arduino lamp
Same as last week, basically an eighth grader's science fair project, but its neat and I'm planning to build myself one. (I will definitely post the results)
2. Core i7 clocked at 5.6GHZ
What is there really to say about this? Its magical, I actually felt myself salivating as I read this article. A MUST READ!
3. CES 2012
I want to attend, seems like an IMATS for tech geeks. This is my first encounter with CES (I'm sure that's shameful) so I need to dig up more dirt but I'm excited to find out more.

In  other news, I'm going to start studying for my MCITPE certification, a requirement for my new job, but I have very little to report as I've just started. Refer to Microsoft for more info.


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