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Wednesday, February 1


As you know I received an iPad from my aunt & uncle from Florida....
^that's them! (I got my uncle to make the Coog Paw) ;)
And I've been using my iPad quite a bit.

I've tried:
  • Playing games
  • Reading books
  • Surfing the web
  • Playing music
And I can honestly say its a decent all purpose tablet. It does everything a completely mobile device should and you might want it to do, but it doesn't do anything remarkably well. (Excuse me, except be pretty for you Apple trolls!)

Hints for Virgins:
  • Home button forces to apps to the background
    • To kill: double tap the home button, press and hold the icon and press the small minus sign that will appear in the top left corner of each app's icon
  • Five-finger swipe closes apps (again to background)
  • To delete a Facebook post side swipe on the post and press delete
Hope you enjoy those gadgets!!!


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