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Thursday, February 11

A tiger doesn't change its STRIPES!

I had to make -up today for my laziness yesterday. I had a test, so I wore a T-shirt, sweatshirt & track pants to school (HOTT!) This is one of my favorite outfits to wear. When in doubt, pair a tube-top w/ a SUPER COMFY, SOFT & JUST GENERALLY AMAZING cardigan from Express!

You'll notice I absolutely ADORE these cardigans. I have at least 7 and they are well worth the money! They literally last a lifetime (the first one I bought is now 3 years old and in MINT condition) and they feel like nothing else. I swear those rabbit's foot key chains are rough compared to these babies! GET ONE, GET IT NOW!!!!!

I got this ring from Charlotte Russe in JAX, FL and I thought it was so unique I fell in love! I've never seen anything similar to it in Texas, sorry guys! :(

Necklace: F21 Sweater: Express (sale, $29.50) Tube-top: Express (sale bin, $5) Trousers: NY&Company (BOGO 1/2, $29.99) Rings: Charlotte Russe (JAX,FL $4 each)

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