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Sunday, November 4

Friday Diary #16 - Validation at Work

The title of this post is a little somber, but I promise not to be too serious in this post! :)

So this Friday I was invited to partake in interviewing new candidates for my company. I have to admit that I was very excited for this opportunity and its quite validating to be on the other side of the fence. I feel like I reached a milestone in my career, where I'm moving into seasoned professional territory! So, I had a great time, I learned alot and am i a very good place at work right now!

I posted another MOV (Move Out Vlog) last night:

I have to admit that I have definitely been slacking on uploading these and that is mostly because of this video. I had to do alot of editing and was completely unmotivated to work on it while on vacation so it just got done! Hope you can forgive! *hangs head in shame*

Head on over to my YT channel and check out the latest MOVs & a few hauls I posted!

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