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Friday, November 9

Friday Diary #17 - Mean Muggin'

I just posted a new MOV (move out vlog) to YouTube, check out my mug collection. :)

My progress on project pan(s) thus far:

  • 2/5 perfumes
  • 1/10 makeup products
  • 9/92 days w/o shoes, clothes or accessories
Not bad considering I just started! Some other good news: the Clarisonic Mia does wonders! My face has cleared up in 2 weeks more than it has in 3 months. I attribute that 60% to the Clarisonic and 30% to the Clinque 3-Step line I've been using in conjunction. The other 10% is consistency on my part, i.e. washing my face twice a day, everyday. YAY!!!

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