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Tuesday, November 6

Shoe Haul 564577686

Yes, I have another shoe haul for you! Now I feel the need to preface this by saying that I recognize that I have a problem and have since put myself on multiple 'Project Pan' initiatives. Namely, a Project 10 Pan on Makeup. Project 5 Pan on Perfumes, and I've instituted a embargo on all accessory shopping for 3 months!

Fyi: Project Pan is a name for restricting purchase of new goods until a number of products have been used up, or you 'hit pan on them'. Obviously, this is usually done with makeup, hence the references to tin pans.

Never mind that now, onward with the shoes!

Now, I made a rather large order from Shoedazzle (totaling $150) because I've been quite impressed with previous purchases from the site!

 Danger - $39.95
 Jive - No longer available
 Jessica - $39.95
Sophie - $39.95
Now, if you haven't noticed Shoedazzle is a relatively affordable shoe site but they have alot of variety in terms of styles and colors. The variety and 'bang for your buck' of Shoedazzle is what really speaks to me!

On to Shoemint:
So I've had a few credits saved up with Shoemint because  I forgot to skip months. I was very reluctant to try Shoemint again, because I was very disappointed in my first purchase from them. I decided to give the Carol & Kathryn a try because they caught my eye
(and Follow Me on Pinterest) and were on sale.
 Carol - $51.98
Kathryn - $51.98
I have to admit I'm really lovin' both of these! The two negatives for them are:
  • Carol's are made from printed cow hide (real fur)
  • Kathryn's are very low cut which leads to toe cleavage (its too late for me to return them so I'm going to keep them but I hate that bit about them)
What do you think? Crazy? Too many shoes? :)
Leave me a comment with your opinions on this purchase or if you own any of the shoes themselves!

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