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Sunday, October 28

Friday Diary #15- Back from the Caribbean

Hello lovely pink gadgets readers! <3

I'm back from my vacation, if you couldn't tell from the title of this post, I went to the Caribbean. A cruise to St. Thomas, St. Maarten and the Bahamas to be exact.

I cruised with Royal Carribean on the Oasis of the Seas.

I have to admit I had high hopes of this cruise because of the grandeur of the ship, it holds ~6K passengers  To put that in perspective, the average cruise ship accommodates about 2 - 3K passengers.

While my experience on board was nothing to write home about, I did get the chance to do some great shopping in the Caribbean.

First and foremost in my heart, my first David Yurman bracelet!
For those of you that don't already know, the Caribbean is a global hotspot for fine jewelry shopping. Specifically, diamonds and other precious gems. 
However, you can get even designer pieces like David Yurman at a pretty hefty discount. The bracelet I got retails for $775, I bought it for $697 and didn't have to pay tax on it. Now, depending on where you live, that no tax discount is a HUGE savings. I live in Texas where the sales tax is 8.25%, so I would've paid $838.94 if I bought the same bracelet in the states.

If you go to the Caribbean, plan to shop. Some retailers I recommend, which are backed by Royal Caribbean are: Jewels (for designers like Yurman, Jon Hardy, Mikimoto, etc.) and Diamonds International (for Hearts on Fire diamonds, Kabana, Safi Kalima/ tanzinite jewelry).

Well, I leave you on this Sunday, with this view.

Friday, October 19

initiMINT Haul & Review - Friday Diary

I decided to try the intiMINT brand, even though I haven't had luck with the other mint brands. I've tried JewelMint and ShoeMint, the later of which I am warming up to after my most recent purchase.

This brand is a partnering with Brooke Burke-Chavert. Though I doubt she is involved, in any capacity. Not that, that bothers me. Frankly, I don't need a celebrity endorsement to try out a brand, but I do respect Beachmint's rather inventing marketing ploy! :)

Honestly, I was quite impressed with this first purchase. I ordered the:
Side Lace Chemise (Black)
Photo from

Firstly, I think lingerie is one of the few industries where packaging, actually, is important. To that point, this is how I was welcomed to the brand:

Quite nice, I must say! I felt warm and invited. The purple envelope held a little mesh bag for your 'unmentionables'! :)

 I also received a free gift with my order: 3 full-size Stila lip glosses.


L to R: Guava, Tropica Punch, Hibiscus

I haven't had a chance to really test these glosses out so I can't provide detailed feedback, but from a quick test run:
  • They smell like a tropical island
  • They aren't sticky but are tacky enough to last on the lips w/o sliding
  • They are true-to-swatch  in terms of color & have a surprising color pay off
All in all, I must say that this is the first Beachmint brand that hasn't left a bad taste in my  mouth right off the bat. I highly recommend it!

So head on over to intiMINT and leave me comment below with your experience.

Wednesday, October 17

Here Come the NAILS!

So, I have an Olympic themed Nail Compilation post today!!!!

The Olympics ended months ago, but during the games I felt inspired to ignore the patriotism. I quite like the juxtaposition of the nationalism of the games and the irony of a single person supporting so many different nations. :) I'm a rebel!

So to start off the post, the nation of honor:

And, because flags are just color patterns:

Hope you enjoyed!