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Thursday, December 27

FD # 22: Nail Salons and Polish Junkies

I'm in Florida on vacation and I decided to get my nails done since I didn't get the chance before I left. Meanwhile, at the salon I came face to face with one of my many beauty weaknesses, nail polish.
So these are the new desirees. :)

Sunday, December 16

Friday Diary 21: Ode to the 'ole Alma Mater

Today, 12/16/2012 marks the one year anniversary of my college graduation. I don't know what I expected but somehow I don't feel like this day has had the right air. I guess I expected today to be a 'reflect' on the year-kind of day. Honestly, I didn't even realize it was the anniversary until about 10PM. Regardless, in honor of the great 'ole UH:
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Talk to you soon! *hugs and kisses*

Wednesday, December 5

iZara: Bottoms Up?!?

Next section in my iZara series, an ode to my current clothes obsession... ZARA! This time its all about the bottoms, so skirts, pants, leggings and jeans! Still alot of leather, floral prints & mixed mediums!

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I dedicate this post to my new blog friend, Sharmana LynnI'm glad you liked the last one so much! ;)

Monday, December 3

iZara: Annie, get your coat!

So, I thought I'd feature some of my favorite items from Zara in posts this week. I have to say, I'm in love with the 'Z' right now. I do, however, concur that they are an overpriced H&M...doesn't stop me from lusting after them, though.

This edition is all about COATS! Can you tell I'm going to Michigan, in Dec/ Jan? What's a Texas girl to do when she finds out she's going up north for the winter but worry about the cold?! <3

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In case y'all haven't noticed, I'm really into mixed mediums and textures at the moment. I couldn't tell you why but I think the winter gives way to texture as it brings the dark colors! <3