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Friday, February 15

First impression: Surface Pro

If you've been following me on fb (link) you'll know that I've been fan-girling out for the Surface Pro since before the RT came out.

Now, its FINALLY here!!!

I wanted to do a 'first impressions' sort of review on the product, since I've been raving about it for so long!
  • The stylus is AH-MAZING!!!
    • Extremely accurate and work from about an inch from the screen...impressive
  • The small screen is manageable
    • I watched about 2 hours of TV on it and wasn't disappointed or felt like I wanted something bigger the whole time.
  • There is no lag or speed issues with everyday tasks- email, browsing, or even streaming
All in all, it really is a laptop replacement and I see it being very useful to me! Its worth the 1.2K I spent on it, which honestly what you would spend on any ultrabook right now.

Are you thinking of getting one? How does the price tag affect that?