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Tuesday, January 14

The Ultimate Party Lashes- Review of Katy Perry False Lashes

I went to a masquerade ball in Washington D.C. a few months ago and since it was such a glam party, I decided I wanted to wear some extreme falsies. Boy, did I get 'em! The Oh My! falsies from Eylure branded by Katy Perry are the pinnacle of glamorous. They are a double-banded strand of densely-packed long lashes.
Translation: They are 2 regular strands of false lashes fused together.

First Impression:
Well, I think we already covered this. THEY WERE GLAMOROUS!

These lashes are definitely sturdy. The material of the actual lash has a definite plastic feel and they do not attempt to mimic the look or feel of natural lashes. I will say that they feel like a less natural version on Ardell lashes, especially on the eye. Even the double-band lashes from Ardell are more flexible.

This almost feels like a moot point. How many times am I going to say these are uncomfortable, you ask? ALOT.

Final Word:
While I liked the effect for the evening, these are not wearable lashes by any means, my lids were closing after about 2 hours of wearing them because of the weight. I felt tired and my eyes started watering considerably. I would not recommend these lashes, even for a special occasion because they will ruin your event. There are softer and frankly cheaper options on the market, such as the Ardell 105. (pictured below)

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