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Monday, March 31

Chicago thru the lens of a Nexus 5

No, this is NOT a sponsored post. Let's get real, I don't have the readership for Google to give 2 flying fucks what I post about.

I went to Chicago for training and I thought I'd document my outfits, but I didn't bring my camera(s) so I thought Instagram would be a fun way to do it!
Riding to the training facility in style

The company I work for has a facility that is used solely for training. Its actually a converted women's college and all the 'buildings' are attached, so I didn't actually leave the building nearly the whole time.
THE fanciest of rooms... easily the smallest room ever

I, also, made some funny videos that I'll post on Insta too. Check it out!

I had alot of fun putting this post together. What do you guys think?

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