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Thursday, January 23

My first IMATS

I had you there for a second, didn't I?

Well, I went to IMATS this past weekend and since it was my first time I thought I'd share my thoughts as well as some tips for your first time!

The Experience:
The event was not as crazy as everyone says. Yes, there are lines and yes, there are people but the longest line I waited in was about 45 minutes.


  • Discounts!! I got 20% at MAC!

  • Great place to network with MUAs and beauty gurus

  • Will see some amazing FX makeup (pictures below!)

  • Stock is limited (Booths have what they have and when its out, its out!)

  • Not many unknown brands

  • Have to travel an exhibit location

  • Quite expensive (1 day is $48)

  • Tips:
    1. If there are specific items you just have to have, come early!
    2. To just shop, go on Sunday.
    3. To meet YT gurus, go on Saturday.
    4. Bring cash and plastic, some booths only accept 1 form of payment.
    5. Wear comfortable shoes!!!! You will be walking around sometimes with little space around you and standing in lines, you don't need 6-inch stilettos to do that.
    6. Food: they had a food court open at the LA convention. I've heard people say you need a snack, I didn't find that.
    7. Some booths have crazy lines: Sigma, Lime Crime.These wrapped around for what seemed like days!
    8. Some are long but not excessive (about 20-45 minute waits): SugarPill, MAC, MUFE.
    9. It is not as special of an experience as it seems. I don't really know how to elaborate on that, but prepare yourself to be let down a bit. Somehow, it doesn't seem to be as big a crazy and the deals seem to have tapered down.
    10. If you can make it, go to the LA event!!! Its the first and the biggest event of the season.

    My Thoughts:
    I'm glad I went but wouldn't go again. I think it is more fun when you go to meet YT gurus because you get to see them in the flesh and realize they're just people too, like meeting a celebrity. However, on the makeup front, its basically Black Friday for makeup...a fun event...once.

    I really hope this helps! I know I was really wanting to read something like this before I went and I didn't find it.
    The Show:

    And some awesome FX makeup:

    My 'haul'

    Just more awesome makeup:

    Tuesday, January 14

    The Ultimate Party Lashes- Review of Katy Perry False Lashes

    I went to a masquerade ball in Washington D.C. a few months ago and since it was such a glam party, I decided I wanted to wear some extreme falsies. Boy, did I get 'em! The Oh My! falsies from Eylure branded by Katy Perry are the pinnacle of glamorous. They are a double-banded strand of densely-packed long lashes.
    Translation: They are 2 regular strands of false lashes fused together.

    First Impression:
    Well, I think we already covered this. THEY WERE GLAMOROUS!

    These lashes are definitely sturdy. The material of the actual lash has a definite plastic feel and they do not attempt to mimic the look or feel of natural lashes. I will say that they feel like a less natural version on Ardell lashes, especially on the eye. Even the double-band lashes from Ardell are more flexible.

    This almost feels like a moot point. How many times am I going to say these are uncomfortable, you ask? ALOT.

    Final Word:
    While I liked the effect for the evening, these are not wearable lashes by any means, my lids were closing after about 2 hours of wearing them because of the weight. I felt tired and my eyes started watering considerably. I would not recommend these lashes, even for a special occasion because they will ruin your event. There are softer and frankly cheaper options on the market, such as the Ardell 105. (pictured below)