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Thursday, September 4

How Long Will It Last? Bath & Body Works Candle

Like my gif? ;)

I thought of this series when I started burning this candle. So I started tracking each burn in minutes, until the wicks blew themselves out.

The grand total is 1629 minutes OR 27 hours and 9 minutes!!!!

Woah, I'm really impressed with that time. I have to add, the Lavender Vanilla candle had the best throw of any Bath & Body Works candle I've ever owned. I suspect that is because the scent is quite strong but I was impressed when my mom asked me to turn it off because the scent was bothering her. (She doesn't like Vanilla, obviously NOT to be trusted)

 I'd like to make this a regular series but want to get feedback, is this something you care about? Do you have other products to try out? Or do you want to see more stats on the candle? *wink*wink*