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About Me

My name is Minela. I'm an Engineer. I love Math and science BUT I, also, love frilly and girly things. So, this blog will be a combination of those interests. To help, you get to know me better I put together some random facts, like the type of thing you see you in magazines!

Fact numero uno: My job is practically travel. I work all over the country but I love nothing more than coming home!

2: I went to the University of Houston.
My graduation photo!

3: Four people from history I'd like to meet: Marie Curie, Helen Keller, Susan B. Anthony, Mark Twain. (There are more but these are the first people that came to mind!)

4: My current and likely all-time favorite TV show is Criminal Minds.

5: I want to be a renaissance woman, that's why this blog seems so scatter-brained at times! ;)

6: I actually enjoy silly and ridiculous things, specifically music. I have little interest in listening to a 'meaningful' song. Ain't nobody got time fo dat!

7: :)

8: I want to learn another language!

9: I'm an avid list creator and actively check off items from my bucket list. I don't want to wait to live my life!

A snapshot of my NY Resolutions in Wunderlist (love that app!)

10: My 3 favorite books: 1984, Nothing to Envy, My Sister's Keeper.